"Kevin is an excellent trial attorney who is very comfortable in the courtroom. He presents clear themes, developed through intense preparation, in a friendly/folksy manner, Jurors love him. "
John Salvucci, Esq.

"Smith Sovik's attorneys are thorough, prepared, aggressive, and can be counted on to get me the very best result possible on each and every case that they handle."
Mary E. LaVeck
Director- NY Casualty Claims
Acadia Insurance Company
"Kristin L. Norfleet is our primary outside counsel for our general liability claims in New York because she understands our business objectives and uses her legal expertise to advocate for Carrols in a manner consistent with our objectives.  Kristin has an excellent base of legal and business knowledge, and she works well with opposing counsel, courts and our carriers. Kristin has provided Carrols with excellent legal representation and working with her is a pleasure"
Shanna M. Ramirez, Esq.
Vice President, Associate General Counsel
Carrols Restaurant Group, Inc.
"Ken Boyd is a fierce advocate, a talented trial attorney, and a pleasure to work with."
Jennifer Sweedler
Senior Litigation Examiner
Chubb Group of Insurance Companies
"Kristin understands the objective and better yet, knows how to get to the desired results.  She just flat out gets it done!"
Bill Upshaw, AIC
Claims Manager
Claims Services, Inc./McLane Company, Inc.
"Cornell is extremely appreciative of the terrific job you've done once again on behalf of the University.  Thank you!  We're glad you're on our side."
Nelson E. Roth
Deputy University Counsel
Cornell University
"Smith, Sovik has attorneys that specialize in different fields of law from coverage and pollution to New York labor law. The attorneys that I have dealt with are extremely talented in their fields of expertise. I have always found the firm to work well with insurance carrier staff. They are very responsive to calls and correspondence and always timely."
Denise H. Schad
Senior Commerical Claims Representative
Erie Insurance Company
"Kevin E. Huslander's efficiency in cross-examining plaintiff and her witnesses was a clear testament to his superior skill and experience in the courtroom.  Kevin made me confident in our defense and obtained a defense verdict in a case of stipulated negligence.  It was a pleasure working with Kevin and watching him in action.  Great result!"
Jim Dickson
Special Exposure Case Manager
Greyhound Lines, Inc.
"Simply the best Trial Lawyers in New York State!"
Barbara A. Farrar
Sr. Technical Specialist
Hanover Insurance
"My name is Ellen Pares. I am a Senior Litigation Adjuster working for Kemper – A Unitrin Business. I have 35 years of claim handling experience and have handled personal and commercial lines including worker’s compensation both as a supervisor and as an adjuster.   I have had many years of experience working with various defense firms and attorneys including Smith Sovik Kendrick & Sugnet and specifically with Kristin Norfleet, of this firm.  My experience with Kristin has always been positive.  I find that Kristin is always pleasant, and cooperative but more importantly, she always does an excellent job of defending her clients/our insureds.  She is quickly responsive, has excellent defense strategies and this generally results in very good resolutions.  I am pleased with this firm’s work and would recommend them."
Ellen Pares
Senior Litigation Adjuster
Kemper - A Unitrin Business
"Smith, Sovik knows how to win, and they have the litigation tools to get you there."
Michael E. McLaughlin
Senior Claims Representative
Kemper Auto & Home
"Smith Sovik comes up first under "legal" for us!"
Kenneth D. Ellsworth, P.E.
Managing Member
KEYSTONE ASSOCIATES Architects, Engineers and Surveyors, LLC
"Ken Boyd is a sharp, passionate and dedicated litigator who produces in and out of the courtroom."
Bernard Kennedy
General Counsel
King Kullen Grocery Co.
"We have an internal nationwide approved panel list for all MARKEL claims groups and I'm glad to say that because of my recommendation, you and your firm have made the cut.  I sincerely hope we get the chance to work together again.  It has been a pleasure personally and professionally."
Cheryl Weissman, J.D.
"Kristin and Kristen understand the complexity of Workers’ Compensation and its many tentacles.  They represent their clients, not just the insurance carriers."
Ard Allison
Claims Manager
McLane Company, Inc.
"SSK&S is one of the best law firms defending medical malpractice cases in upstate NY!"
Diana Britton
Senior Claims Representative
Medical Liability Mutual Insurance Co.
"Very responsive and they understand the meaning of customer service. I could sleep at night knowing that the attorney was protecting my client’s interest."
Martin Ditkof
General Counsel
Morris Material Handling (P&H Crane)
"The National Basketball Players’ Association has used the Smith, Sovik law firm to handle various matters over the years. In particular, we turn to Steve Williams, a partner with the firm, who is well known as an aggressive and thorough litigator. When we use the Smith, Sovik firm, we know we will get the best results possible, and we know we will be well informed as each matter unfolds."
Gary Hall
General Counsel
National Basketball Players' Association
"Smith Sovik has skilled, aggressive, creative lawyers who comply with our guidelines, meet our high standards and obtain the very best results for our insureds."
Stacey McLaughlin
Senior Claims Representative
National Grange Mutual Insurance Company
"NCMIC is a writer of medical malpractice coverage in all 50 states.  We demand the highest level of service from our defense counsel.  Firms that don't meet our expectations are dismissed without hesitation.  Smith Sovik has been providing legal services to NCMIC since 1995.  They are aggressive in defending our cases and responsive to the needs of our insureds and my claims staff.  Kevin Hulslander and Jim Lantier are as good or better than any attorneys we have in the country."
Bruce Beal
Vice President of Claims
NCMIC Insurance Company
"I’m very impressed with the great results and vigorous defense you provide to PICA and our insureds.  "
Jennifer Flynn
Senior Claims Representative
"As a Litigation Specialist with PRMS, Inc., I retained Kevin to represent a psychiatrist in a difficult medical malpractice case. Kevin obtained a defense verdict in behalf of the doctor. Kevin is a no-nonsense, hard-nosed and savvy attorney whom plaintiff attorneys would prefer not to go up against-a guy who likes to try cases and just what you're looking for in a defense attorney. Kevin has obtained several other great outcomes for me. He is my go-to attorney for all cases in his neck of the woods and I highly recommend him without reservation."
Scott Alkire
Litigation Specialist
PRMS, Inc.
"We have had a great partnership with Smith, Sovik and, in particular, Steve Williams. Steve has delivered great results for us not only in Litigation, but also in handling EEOC charges as well as mediations and arbitrations which are a part of our Dispute Resolution Process. Steve is an extremely talented litigator; however, he also works hard to attain good settlements for us. His case evaluations are thorough and honest. It has been a pleasure working with Steve and I look forward to continuing our partnership."
Alexis C. Roberts
Manager of Employment Claims
Red Lobster
"Robert C. Cahalan, Esq., is thorough, responsive and has done an excellent job for us to date.  If anyone needs an attorney in New York, I would definitely recommend this firm.
Bea Dominguez, SCLA
Claim Analyst, Brokerage Claims
Scottsdale Insurance Company
"You are appropriately aggressive in an industry that requires something more than just a run of the mill attitude. More particularly, I was most impressed with your aggressive negotiation style at mediation and then your ability to appropriately modify your approach for the jury during the Paduana trial. In addition, you are well versed in NY Labor Law which is a real plus given the complexity and high damage exposure of construction claims."
Senior Construction Claims Consultant
St. Paul Travelers Insurance Co.
"I’d like to take a second to say how much I’ve enjoyed working with Kevin Hulslander and Eric Johnson over the years. I’ve been adjusting claims for roughly 20 years and simply put, these attorneys are two of the best. They provide superior legal service on every file."
Stephen Connolly
Senior Technical Specialist
St. Paul Travelers Insurance Co.
"Deb Salvi is a great addition to the Smith Sovik firm.  She communicates well, is very responsive and has a great personality. Her reports and recommendations are excellent and I look forward to continue to work with her in the future."
Jean Smith
The Main Street America Group
"The Law Firm of Smith, Sovik, Kendrick and Sugnet has provided the Town of Skaneateles, New York with excellent representation in Municipal and Land Use law as well as other areas that impact the Town. This law firm has provided the Town with outstanding lawyers that blend astute legal advice with practical considerations and personalities that actually make dealing with legal problems a pleasurable experience. We are thoroughly satisfied with the services provided and highly recommend the firm to others."
Phil Tierney
Town Supervisor
Town of Skaneateles