Deb Salvi Wins Summary Judgment in Westchester County

Despite detailed affidavits on behalf of the plaintiff from a chiropractor and a treating physician, Partner Deb Salvi convinced Judge Sam Walker of Westchester County to grant summary judgment for the defendant on the serious injury threshold. Plaintiff claimed injuries to his neck, back, knee, elbow and wrist after an auto accident. Defendant’s expert identified degeneration and arthritis in his neck, back and knee and opined there was no objective causally related injury to the elbow and wrist. Deb shifted the burden to the plaintiff to come forward with objective, identifiable, quantified, causally related injury which plaintiff failed to do. Judge Walker dismissed the case citing plaintiff’s failure to satisfy any of the categories of serious injury under the no fault law.

Deb Salvi is extremely efficient at what she does and knows the law well! She is very attentive to our needs, whether it is during the day, nights or weekends, she will reply swiftly, and that is rare with today’s defense attorneys. She is a true team litigation player that knows the attorneys, judges and the craziness that goes on in the Downstate New York region, which helps her to negotiate through the web of nonsense she has to deal as defense counsel in plaintiff oriented venues! Your mistake would be to give your suit to another defense counsel to handle!

Mark Copley
Senior Litigation Specialist
Main Street America Group