Smith Sovik Expands Formidable Litigation Practice to Divorce and Family Law

Partner Brady O’Malley with assistance from partner Kristen Benson are expanding their litigation practice to include matrimonial law.  Brady and Kristen have over 30 years of winning trial experience combined which will serve them well on behalf of their new divorce and family law clients.

Brady has tried numerous personal injury and wrongful death lawsuits, delivering clients winning jury verdicts in every corner of New York State. His first exposure to divorce litigation came in 2019 in the role of special counsel for depositions in a contentious and complex divorce. He has since obtained favorable results in a variety of divorce and family law disputes, and continues to accept new clients for contested divorces and child custody matters.

Smith Sovik is keenly suited for litigation in the matrimonial and family courts; its aggressive representation through creative written work and courtroom advocacy helps the firm win cases for its clients all over New York State. These are the hallmarks of Smith Sovik’s litigation approach which will surely manifest a cutting edge, Winning formula for clients in divorce and family litigation.

As archetypal Smith Sovik litigators, Brady, a dogged, hard-hitting advocate, and Kristen, a consummate negotiator and client communicator, share a results-oriented, fiercely competitive mentality that will bring their clients the best results possible in the divorce and family litigation setting where disputes are fundamentally personal and can include the highest stakes of all: time with beloved children. Brady and Kristen are advocates whose mindsets capture Smith Sovik’s Winning Attitude, which we believe is sorely desired by those ensnared in divorce and child custody disputes, who too often find their fate in the hands of overpriced attorneys who have rested too comfortably for too long on underwhelming results.