James D. Lantier, Esq., Successfully Defends Two Local Family Practitioners in Wrongful Death Claim

In a recent medical malpractice jury trial in Onondaga County, Syracuse NY, with acting Supreme Court Justice Donald F. Cerio, Jr. presiding, James D. Lantier, Esq. successfully defended a wrongful death case brought against two local family practitioners. The estate alleged the physicians failed to adequately diagnose, monitor and treat a 36-year old male for hypertensive and atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease. At trial, the plaintiff attempted to establish the decedent had a significant medical history indicating a predisposition to cardiovascular disease, including uncontrollable hyperlipidemia, smoking tobacco for twenty years, obesity, sleep apnea and a family history positive for cardiovascular disease. It was further alleged the physicians failed to recognize a medication prescribed for a preexisting traumatic brain injury predisposed the decedent to cardiac arrhythmia. The plaintiff argued the physicians failed to properly consider the decedent’s medical history, failed to order an EKG and failed to timely refer the decedent to a specialist. Jim was able to call into question whether there was sufficient evidence to find that the decedent’s cause of death was from hypertensive and atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease. Jim further argued an EKG and other diagnostic tests were not indicated. After two weeks of testimony, the jury reached a unanimous verdict exonerating the physicians.