Kevin E. Hulslander, Esq., Secured Summary Judgment and a Finding of No Negligence in a Claim Stemming from a Motor Vehicle Accident

Kevin Hulslander successfully secured dismissal of two separate complaints upon a pre-deposition motion for summary judgment before Judge MacRae in Oneida County. The case arose out of an incident in which a vehicle abruptly pulled out in front of a funeral procession, causing a “chain reaction” in which the vehicles in the procession had to brake quickly, and which ultimately led to several motorcycles crashing at the end of the line of vehicles. Kevin successfully argued the uninvolved vehicle caused the “chain reaction” accident by pulling out in front of the procession. More importantly, Kevin was able to show that his client, who was in the middle of the procession, was not negligent by braking in response to the vehicles ahead of him. Congratulations Kevin!

Kevin Hulslander is an excellent trial attorney who is very comfortable in the courtroom. He presents clear themes, developed through intense preparation, in a friendly/folksy manner, Jurors love him.

John Salvucci, Esq.