Medical Malpractice Defense Verdict in Cayuga County for Kevin E. Hulslander, Esq.

Kevin E. Hulslander, Esq., successful defended an ENT in Cayuga County. The jury returned a defense verdict after a two week trial in Cayuga County and 56 minutes of deliberations. Plaintiff alleged injury and wrongful death as a result of defendant ENT’s alleged failure to properly treat external auditory canal carcinoma. The defendant ENT surgeon diagnosed early stage ear cancer and referred the plaintiff to a radiation oncologist who treated the patient with radiation which proved to be unsuccessful in part due to the plaintiff having missed half of her scheduled visits. The cancer recurred within several months which prompted a referral to a cancer institute where radical surgery was performed. The cancer returned again in three months. This was a rare cancer that was diagnosed early. Treatment with radiation or surgery had been found to be equally effective although the choice of treatment was controversial. This was a horrible case with extremely disfiguring results to a young mother who left two children and a husband after a long battle with a very bad cancer. The jury found that the treating doctor was not negligent and obtained informed consent for treatment.

Kevin E. Huslander's efficiency in cross-examining plaintiff and her witnesses was a clear testament to his superior skill and experience in the courtroom.  Kevin made me confident in our defense and obtained a defense verdict in a case of stipulated negligence.  It was a pleasure working with Kevin and watching him in action.  Great result!

Jim Dickson
Special Exposure Case Manager
Greyhound Lines, Inc.