Michael P. Ringwood, Esq., Secures NO CAUSE Verdict On Behalf of 2 Local Obstetricians

The case was tried to verdict in Syracuse over the course of a 7 day jury trial. The defendant obstetricians were accused of medical malpractice with regard to their pregnant 33-year old patient, alleging failure to choose and administer proper prophylactic antibiotics when it became necessary to move from labor to c-section; prematurely discharging the patient in the face of alleged signs of surgical site infection; failing to re-admit the patient per after-hours phone call complaints of elevated temperature and chills; failure to admit after the first post-op visit when the patient complained of fever and chills; failure to see, treat and re-admit the patient when 6 days post-op she was seen in the office by a nurse practitioner reporting fever and chills. The patient was re-admitted 7 days post-op for necrotizing fascitis of the abdomen and gangrenous uterus.

The providers defended the claims arguing: the antibiotic chosen by the surgeon was proper and acceptable; the only bacterial organisms that grew out were susceptible to the chosen antibiotic; the infection was very unusual, rare, and one that can only be dealt with surgically; all the time prior to her re-admission to the hospital the wound site was clean, dry, intact, and otherwise normal; and the post operative complaints made by the patient did not rise to the level of requiring hospitalization.