Bedenko Wins Summary Judgment in Kitchen Fire Case

Alan Bedenko secured summary judgment dismissal of a Monroe County action where the Plaintiff insurance company sought reimbursement of over $100,000 arising from a kitchen fire in a new rented townhome in Rochester. The homeowner opened a drawer under the gas cooktop and heard a “pop”.  A fire was sparked by arcing from the electrical line and the failure of a flexible gas connector leading to the cooktop. Our cabinet installer performed its work – affixing cabinets to the walls of the kitchen – weeks before the installation of any appliances or the finishing of any utilities. The drawers were not placed in the cabinets until sometime after all of the appliances and utilities were installed.  Bedenko argued there was no evidence anyone ever informed our cabinet installer of any issues regarding drawer clearances under the cooktop. He further argued that, had our client been told, there would have been a paper trail, and our client would have gone out to make adjustments to the drawers. Supreme Court Justice Craig Doran dismissed the complaint and all cross claims against our client.

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Barbara A. Farrar
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