Brandon King With A Well Deserved Win In Onondaga County

Brandon King successfully defended an orthopedic surgeon through trial in a difficult case where the decedent passed away after knee replacement surgery. Plaintiff alleged that the defendant doctor prescribed too much pain medication which led to her overdose and death. The defendant denied the allegations and testified that the post surgical medications were appropriate and the outcome was a known risk of the surgery and related to her preexisting conditions. The jury found that the defendant doctor’s treatment was within the standard of care and found in favor of the defendant.

Brandon King and his team at Smith Sovik deserve high praise. Brandon kept us informed and abreast of our case, taking the time to explain in layman terms the complex happenings, keeping the stress to a minimum.  His skill and knowledge helped us achieve a very favorable result, and we highly recommend him and his team.  

Sean Hynes
LMG International
Global Benefit & Risk Advisors