Ken Boyd wins another Dental Mal case!

Ken Boyd, a partner in our Downstate office, secured a defense verdict in a dental malpractice case in Dutchess County Supreme Court.  Plaintiff presented to our client, having last treated with a dentist six years before.  She agreed to a treatment plan involving nine teeth including one extraction and two root canals.  Before the treatment plan was completed, plaintiff left our client’s care and saw two subsequent dentists, the latter of which continued plaintiff’s treatment.  With expert testimony, plaintiff claimed multiple departures from the standard of care requiring further treatment and the diminution of life of the treated teeth.   Plaintiff’s counsel asked the jury to award plaintiff a total of $295,000 for dental care expenses and pain and suffering.  With the assistance of expert testimony, Ken argued that plaintiff neglected her teeth which were prone to recurrent decay, that our client properly treated multiple compromised teeth, that his treatment caused no harm to plaintiff’s teeth, and that any further necessary treatment of those teeth were due to her abandonment of care with our client and her further delay in seeking treatment.   At the close of a six-day trial, the jury returned a unanimous verdict in favor of our client.

I’m very impressed with the great results and vigorous defense you provide to PICA and our insureds.

Jennifer Flynn
Senior Claims Representative