King Wins Smith Sovik’s 16th Straight Defense Verdict!

Brandon King successfully defended an orthopedic surgeon who performed a total hip replacement surgery on plaintiff which resulted in femoral nerve palsy.  Plaintiff alleged that the surgeon committed malpractice during the operation which led to a permanent disability of his lower extremity.  It was the defendant’s position that there was no malpractice and the outcome of the surgery, although unfortunate, was a known risk of the surgery and occurred without any negligence on the part of the physician.  The jury deliberated for only an hour before returning a unanimous verdict in favor of the defendant in Onondaga County Supreme Court.

Brandon King and his team at Smith Sovik deserve high praise. Brandon kept us informed and abreast of our case, taking the time to explain in layman terms the complex happenings, keeping the stress to a minimum.  His skill and knowledge helped us achieve a very favorable result, and we highly recommend him and his team.  

Sean Hynes
LMG International
Global Benefit & Risk Advisors