Hulslander and DeBernardis win summary judgment in electric shock product liability case

Kevin Hulslander and Tom DeBernardis secured summary judgment dismissal on behalf of a water filtration system manufacturer in a products liability case in which the plaintiff claimed she sustained a severe electric shock and complex regional pain syndrome from a fryolator located below the water system in a supermarket deli.  Plaintiff and co-defendant plumbers who installed the water unit claimed that a plastic bushing used in the unit had cracked due to a manufacturing defect and caused a leak that electrified the fryolator.  Hulslander and DeBernardis submitted the opinions of a mechanical engineer that the crack and resultant leak were more likely than not caused by overtightening by the codefendant plumbers. Rensselaer County Supreme Court agreed and dismissed all claims and crossclaims against the manufacturer in their entirety with prejudice.

Very responsive and they understand the meaning of customer service. I could sleep at night knowing that the attorney was protecting my client’s interest.

Martin Ditkof
General Counsel
Morris Material Handling (P&H Crane)